Here are some comparison photos of a real pair of UGGS and a fake pair I bought off of eBay. (the real one is on the left) I thought I could get a good deal on my first pair of UGGS on here. I made an offer that was too good to be true and it was accepted. After I received the boots I had my suspicions, so I went to a retail store and bought a REAL pair full price. After I confirmed my doubts to be true, I took pictures of the boots and arranged to return them. The return policy was no hassle, 3 days, no questions, just pay for shipping. The seller has 100% positive feedback and plenty of UGGS available for sale. This should have been a clue. Another clue should have been that the fake ones were sold WITHOUT a box.

The fake pair is Classic Cardy grey and the real pair is Classic Cardy Lattice in a darker grey. (the real one is on the left in all of the photos) Notice the details in things like the thickness of the footbed, the sole stamp where it says UGGS, the sheep fur inside, the stitching, the buttons, the button holes and the heels. Even the material is so much more substantial.

How to spot fake UGGS