In recent years, UGG boots have dramatically increased in popularity. According to Decker’s Outdoor Corporation, UGG brand net sales for the first quarter of 2013 increased 7.9 percent, from $158.2 million to $170.6 million. Versatility and comfort contributed to this popularity rise. However, since these boots stretch over time, it is imperative to choose the correct size and style. For sizing, typically, the wearer should purchase one size smaller than their normal shoe size. Before purchasing UGG boots, properly measure the foot and calf, and based on these measurements, select the most appropriate style and size.

UGG Boot Composition

Designed for men, women, and children, these boots come in all sizes and colors, ranging from the neutral browns to the eccentric, bedazzled purples. Available in low ankle cuts and tall calf length options the styles also vary. The UGG boot, made from sheepskin, has an EVA cushioned, rubber or synthetic sole with a suede heel guard and nylon binding. Padded with a sheepskin inner foot liner that conforms to each individual foot, they deliver maximum comfort.

With repeated use, the insoles wear down and lose arch support, but replacement inserts are available for purchase. Some UGG styles even feature an inner fleece lining, which provides maximum warmth, and allows the user to wear these boots without socks. A properly fitting UGG is easy to slip on yet fits snugly around the foot and leg.

For those unsure of which shoe size to purchase, it is important to first properly measure the foot. The buyer does not want the boot to be so small that the heel extends over the guard and binding. They also do not want a boot that is too large, as the feet constantly slip out as a result.

How to Measure the Foot

Place a piece of paper on a flat surface and on the paper and draw a straight line. The line drawn should be longer than the measured foot. Stand on the line, centering the heel and longest toe so that they both fall on the line. If measuring a child’s foot it is easier to hold the paper to their foot.

Next, make a perpendicular line that marks the position of the heel and one that marks the tip of the longest toe. With a ruler, measure the distance between the two marks. Repeat these steps with the other foot. Taking the larger of the two measurements, use the conversion chart to find the correct size boot.

Due to the boot’s unique composition, they stretch over time; therefore, it is important to properly measure the foot before purchasing and to select a more snug fit. Consequently, if a measurement falls in between two sizes, it is best to purchase the smaller size.

Calf Sizing

These boots comfortably fit most claves; the shell material stretches and conforms to the wearer’s unique leg shape, providing a personalized fit. The weave boots, made from Merino Wool, stretch to fit all calf shapes and sizes, so when purchasing this style boot measurements are not required. However, to ensure proper fit for the classic tall style it is important to measure the circumference of the calf. To do this, place the foot on a flat surface and, 30 cm from the ground, measure the calf circumference. Avoid the classic tall boot if the circumference is over 38 cm.

How to Buy UGG Boots on eBay

Consumers can easily find a wide variety of UGG boots for sale on eBay simply by conducting a basic keyword search. For a wider exploration, go to any eBay web page and type “UGG boots” into the search bar. The boots range from ankle length to mid calf with a rainbow of color options available. Composed of sheepskin and fleece, UGG boots keep the feet warm and dry. Before purchasing these boots, measure the wearer’s foot size and calf circumference. This guarantees a proper fit, which results in added comfort as well as boot longevity.

How Do UGG Boots Fit